Press release: Integration of SVAB’s Quantum Tool recognition with Leica iCON 3D machine control solutions for excavators and wheel loaders

Based on SVAB’s Quantum Tool Recognition system, Leica Geosystems and SVAB are releasing a new productivity tool for iXE3 and iGW3 machine control solutions.

SVAB and Leica Tool Recognition automatically sets the attached tool for the machine operator thus eliminating one of the most common error sources in machine control. Using the system with the wrong tool chosen!

Tool Recognition is a wireless system that automatically detects the work tool that is used on a construction equipment machine via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The system can automatically identify which work tools that are connected to the machine.

With this system, the machine operator no longer needs to manually change settings in his Leica Geosystems machine control solution when changing work tools, this will now be done automatically. The driver will also get a warning if a work tool without a tool recognition module is selected. This will minimise the risk of using the wrong bucket and the subsequent over or under digging and costly rework. Besides supporting directly the attached tools, the tool recognition system also supports standard tilt buckets and detachable tiltrotators.


For information on sales and delivery, please see Leica Geosystems press release (in Swedish).

See the system in action on the Leica YouTube channel!