Press release 2023-03-29: SVAB doubles production capacity and makes an investment for a sustainable future

SVAB is facing a major expansion and will be able to move into a newly built facility in 2024 and thus double its production capacity.

The groundbreaking has now been done and the new facility that is built by Askersunds Industrifastigheter (Industrial properties) will be ready for SVAB in January 2024. The new facility is being built in Åsbro (approx. 30 km south of Örebro) and SVAB will move its entire operations from its current location in Hallsberg.

Doubled production capacity
SVAB, which develops, manufactures and sells ergonomic and innovative joysticks and control systems primarily for excavators, is facing a significant expansion thanks to a strong and growing demand. With the move to the new facility SVAB will double its production capacity and will be well prepared for future growth.

“Our sales to OEM machine manufacturers around the world are increasing at a high rate, and at the same time as we need to expand our production capacity we also have to make room for our growing workforce. We currently have around 70 employees and see a great need for recruitment in the coming years”, says Fredrik Eriksson, SVAB CEO.

Sustainability in focus
There is a great focus in the industry on reducing emissions from production and use of construction equipment machines, and SVAB is working with a series of measures to minimize the environmental impact. During 2022, SVAB joined the SBTi – Science Based Targets Initiative and the company has set climate targets that are in line with scientific models. The goal is that SVAB should be completely climate neutral by 2040.

“The development of more environmentally friendly excavators is progressing rapidly and here we are playing an important role with our innovative electric joysticks and control systems that contribute to making machines more efficient, while we at the same time are actively working to reduce the environmental impact of our own business,” says Fredrik Eriksson, SVAB CEO.

The new facility is designed with sustainability in focus and is built according to the silver level requirements for environmental buildings. A new solar park will also be built to supply the new facility with its own electricity.

Askersunds Industrifastigheter, which is a municipality-owned company, that will build the new facility for SVAB sees this as a long-term and sustainable investment for both parties.

“We are very proud to be able to build this facility for SVAB and we see it as a good development of the industrial area in Åsbro, where we want to continue to invest in future new establishments”, says Anders Gustafsson, Askersunds Industrifastigheter CEO.

 About SVAB Hydraulik AB (SVAB)
SVAB develops products and efficiency functions for excavators consisting of control, communication, joysticks, sensors and actuators. Product development takes place both through own innovative development and in close cooperation with the customer. The customers are manufacturers and distributors of excavators and equipment. Since 2002, SVAB has delivered over 60 000 systems for tiltrotator control and is the market leader in that area.  SVAB is quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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Fredrik Eriksson
SVAB Hydraulik AB
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About Askersund Industrifastigheter AB
Askersunds Industrifastigheter (Industrial properties) is a municipality-owned company that provides real estate and premises for business activities.

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Anders Gustafsson
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In the excavator, SVAB’s CEO Fredrik Eriksson. Outside, from the left: Peter Letskog, CEO of ÅV Bygg, Sara Karlsson, Byggstatik and Anders Gustafsson, CEO of Askersund’s Industrifastigheter.


Part of SVAB’s management team. From the left: Markus Helgesson, production manager, Lennart Hedlund, development manager, Fredrik Eriksson, CEO, Märta Björk, finance manager.


SVAB’s new facilities.


The company behind the popular excavator joystick is expanding.