Quantum – The control system behind the tiltrotator

New functionality in a more flexible and configurable platform

Quantum with a production start autumn 2017 is the collective name of a control system and a number of products for your excavator that improve the efficiency and ergonomics of the machine. We have integrated greater operational safety into Quantum through our remote support solution. Smart and digital installation guides give correct and safe installations. You choose which Quantum products and functions your machine should be equipped with. We make sure that you get the best solutions for your needs and budget. The system can easily be expanded over time and is not brand dependent, which means that it can be installed on all makes of excavator as well as control most makes of tiltrotator and tool.

The Quantum platform consists of these separate products

Joystick Control Tiltrotator

Tool Recognition

Joystick Control Wheel/Track

Automatic Digging Brake

Joystick Control Dozer Blade

Basic functionality of Quantum

Regardless of which package you purchase from the Quantum platform, a basic level of functionality is always included. If, for example, you have tiltrotator control installed, the electronics for your machine are included along with an app for your cellphone that gives you access to remote support, manuals, control system status, settings and updates as well as location (map function) of your machine via the app.

Quantum app smartphone

SVAB Quantum App

The Quantum app is downloaded via the iPhone App Store or Android Play store. The app and your telephone are now the wireless link between your machine, your tool (with Tool Recognition), the Internet and our expert support. Settings for your installed products are made via simple menus. Of course, we have ensured that only authorized personnel will have access to your machine!

Remote Support

If you should need help with adjusting settings or gaining access to the latest software you can simply use Quantum’s remote support function. After talking with your local retailers/service technicians or to us at SVAB we connect to your machine via the app in your cellphone and give you the support that you need.

Installation guide

The workshop technician connects to your machine during the installation phase and gets access to machine specific step-by-step guides and a verification test that ensures that your machine is correctly installed. A very neat tool for gathering information for CE marking.

Locating the excavator

Maybe you own a number of excavators and want to know exactly where they are. Via the app you can see the position of the machines on a map. To locate your tools see the section about Tool Recognition.