Steering Valves

Our steering valves are designed to be used as an alternative control of machines with conventional orbitrol steering. This may involve supplementing the conventional steering of the machine wheels by steering the machine wheels with a roller on a joystick. The valves have an integrated priority function which means that the machine’s original steering always has priority. The valves can handle both static and dynamic LS as well as open systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable priority function for the original steering (shutoff) – You can set the sensitivity for when the steering wheel takes over control.
  • Pressure compensated proportionally controlled flow regulation – The pressure from the machine affects the function at an even speed regardless of external factors.
  • Variable load balancing function – The pressure from the environment, for example in the case of articulated steering, provides a smooth speed influence regardless of external load conditions.
  • Pressure limitation function – Acts as a form of safety valve and protects the pump from high pressure. Can also limit the force of user steering which in turn reduces the risk of damage to the machine.
  • Supports both static and dynamic LS – Compatible with both older and modern hydraulic systems.