L8 Joystick Configurator

Online configuration for the L8 Joystick Grip. A tool that facilitates the work of the engineer and greatly simplifies communication both with us and for the design team.

joystick grip configurator


Use a computer. The configurator
doesn’t support touch screens.

From concept to finished product is often a very time-consuming process. We work with product development and know from personal experience the great value that lies in well-developed tools that streamlines the process of concept to delivery. “Mongoose” we call our online joystick grip configurator. It is a tool that you as an engineer use to create an L8 joystick grip configuration for your application needs. Followed by rapid initial order to delivery of first sample. The tool facilitates communication both with us and for the design team. The configurator offers virtually endless options and covers the joystick grip’s available standard range regarding rollers, buttons and other components.