Open Connect™ – The open control system for tiltrotators

Open Connect™ is a control system solution for machine manufacturers and machine dealers who want an open control system that can control several different makes of tiltrotators. Open Connect supports the MiC4.0 bus, which is an open standard for communication between a machine’s control system and a tiltrotator.

The system is based on our world-leading control system platform and on more than 20 years of tiltrotator control experience, ensuring an unparalleled operator experience.



Ergonomic joysticks for tiltrotator control

To best control all the functions of a tiltrotator, multifunctional joystick are required. Multifunctional joysticks are normally not offered in an excavator. Our ergonomic multifunctional L8 grip is specially designed for this purpose and enables simultaneous control of all functions of the tiltrotator, while allowing control of additional optional functions. The grip can be adapted and configured easily via our web configurator.


Signal converter

In an excavator there are often several systems that you want to be able to communicate with via the joystick grips. Therefore we have developed our QIO™ – CAN I/O Converter which makes it easy to convert the joystick grips CAN-bus signals into several different commonly used signal types or functions.


Control of the machine’s AUX hydraulics

With Open Connect™, we calculate and proportionally control the excavator’s hydraulic valve used to supply the tiltrotator with oil. The control of this valve is very critical to the tiltrotator operator experience. How this valve is controlled can vary on different machines and our system can handle several different technical solutions. With Open Connect™, our long experience in proportional control and our hydraulic valve auto-calibration function, we guarantee the best operator experience the market has to offer.


Open tiltrotator interface

With an open interface, machine manufacturers or dealers no longer need to install and manage several different tiltrotator-specific control systems. They can now choose to standardize with an open system where they can ensure consistent installations and operator experiences for their machines, while simplifying the management of spare parts and support.

Open Connect is based on the open interface MiC 4.0 bus, developed within the German industry organization VDMA. VDMA also developed ISOBUS in the agricultural sector, which was developed just over 20 years ago. Open Connect can be made compatible with all tilrotators that support the MiC 4.0 bus.

Read more about MiC 4.0.



Open Connect™ offers great configuration possibilities where you can do everything from fine-tuning the valve control to saving several different settings profiles for different drivers or work tools. All these settings as well as diagnostics etc. are available in different user levels via several different HMI solutions. We adapt and use the solution that best suits your needs and machines. Our apps are available for both smartphone (iOS and Android) and iPad.


Wireless work tool recognition

Open Connect™ also includes support for wireless work tool recognition, which means that if a work tool or attachment is equipped with a ToolRec-module (TRM), the system will automatically identify which attachment is being used by the excavator at any given time. This identification is passed on to the Machine Control Systems (MCS) via an open CAN bus protocol. The correct dimensions are automatically updated in the MCS, preventing potential error sources and minimizing the risk of using the wrong work tool, leading to costly rework. The work tool identification can be utilized by many different systems.


Additional efficiency through ToolRec

When ToolRec and Open Connect™ are used together, the hydraulic settings of the tiltrotator can be automatically adjusted depending on the attachment it is connected to, so-called “work tool-specific speeds”. This saves time, optimizes the precision of the tool and the fuel consumption of the machine.

With ToolRec you get a better overview of your work tools. The system monitors both the physical position and the use. If your attachment has regular service intervals, you can set these and receive notifications from the app when it’s time for service. A map view allows the machine operator or owner to see where the attachments are located.


Joystick control of wheels or tracks

Working with an excavator equipped with a tiltrotator can be further optimized with Open Connect™. The system can be complemented with support for joystick control of the excavator’s wheels or tracks. This means that the operator does not have to release the joystick grips when moving the machine. The operator can easily continue digging while the machine is moved.

We offer complete solutions with electronics, software and hydraulic valves to safely control the wheels or tracks.


Sharing of sensor data and automation

Most tiltrotators today are equipped with sensors that detect the work tool’s position. With our open CAN-bus protocol, this sensor data is made available to machine control systems (MCS), providing the MCS with precise and correct information of the work tool’s position, even when rotated or tilted.

Using our open interface some machine control systems even support automatic control of the tiltrotator via the MCS. This combined with the sharing of the ToolRec data mentioned in the previous “Wireless work tool recognition” chapter, makes for a powerful combination.


Powerful wireless service tool

Open Connect™ comes with a user-friendly service app. We have collected advanced system settings and simplified them into something that is easy to understand and configure for the technician. The control system and hydraulic settings are fine-tuned in the workshop for new installations. Software updates and firmwares are easily managed. The flexibility of the service tool allows easy access to the machine in the field via remote support.


Remote support

Via the operator’s smartphone, Open Connect™ offers remote support. From the workshop, the technician connects quickly and easily to the machine. Remote support ensures optimal uptime and provides fast and efficient support. The remote support corrects errors, but can also be used to optimize the tiltrotator settings and thereby reduce fuel consumption, or to give the operator the best possible driving performance.