Automatic Digging Brake

Fully automatic digging brake for retrofitting on excavators lacking digging brake from factory.

SVAB Digging Break gives the excavator full automatic braking, meaning that the operator no longer has to press the brake pedal to its locked brake position by manual force, instead this happens automatically when the driver releases the gas pedal, provided the machine isn’t in transport mode.

The machine brakes automatically as long as the gas pedal is in the neutral position and is released when the gas pedal is pressed. The deceleration to full stop is smooth and without jerkiness.

The benefits of SVAB Digging Brake

  • Minimizes static load that can come with repeated manual braking when digging.
  • Streamlines the work of digging since shorter maneuvers are made faster.
  • Provides a safer braking as the machine always starts braking immediately when you release the gas pedal.

The Digging Brake is presently available for Takeuchi, Liebherr, Atlas, JCB, Hyundai and Doosan wheeled excavators but new adaptations to other brands are continuously developed!


För more information, please contact:

Marcus Persson