GP Controller

The majority chooses SVAB for their excavator.

GP Controller is a freestanding, independent control system for excavators and backhoe loaders. Usually the tiltrotator functions are controlled but the system can also be supplemented with wheel or track steering and control over many other machine functions. The controls are governed by joystick grips equipped with proportional rollers. The rollers make it possible to control the functions proportionally, i.e. the speed increases in proportion with the sideways movement of the roller. This method of control means that the operator can control his machine more smoothly and responsively. It also entails better precision and significantly improved ergonomics for the operator.

  • Comes standard with the world’s most popular joystick grip for excavators with tiltrotator, the L8. With our ergonomic L8-joysticks you can get your buttons and rollers where you want them, while the risk of repetitive strain injury is minimized.
  • Take control over many different functions, such as dozer blade, outriggers, telescope stick, triple-articulated boom, boom swing, oscillation lock, front loading and BM-attachment – full control of the machine.
  • Proportional steering. The functions are controlled variably, which provides more adaptive, gentle operation.
  • DRIVING SERVICE – We work in close relationship with our dealers. With the help of cooperation and training we ensure competent service centers, fast deliveries and prompt answers.
  • Safe bucket lock control. The bucket lock is monitored and the operator receives a warning in the event the lock is unlocked. This minimizes the risk of accident.
  • Developed in accordance with the Machinery Directive. Risk assessments have been performed and that the system is designed to minimize the risk of personal injury. A machine equipped with SVAB tiltrotator control can easily be CE marked.