Quantum Tiltrotator Control

Joystick Control Wheel/Track

  • Provides a better work flow and improves steering precision
  • Reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries

Joystick control wheel

Allows you to keep your hands on the levers and move the excavator while excavating. Comfortable, simple and efficient for those many small machine movements during the day. No wonder this has become a must in advanced markets. You steer the wheels with a roller on the joystick and control the speed with your foot. Those who already use the product speak of a smoother and improved work flow. Joystick control wheel meets all the regulatory requirements for alternative control in all markets.

Joystick control track

Further increases the productivity of tracked excavators. You do not need to move your hands between different controls and steering is via the rollers in the ergonomic levers, which saves time and improves the ergonomics. The left hand turns the excavator while the right roller drives forwards or backwards.