Quantum Tiltrotator Control

Joystick Control Tiltrotator

We are market leaders in the control of tiltrotators and over the years we have supplied more than 50,000 systems – Quantum is our most advanced control system yet. Ultimately, it’s all about fingertip precision control of the excavator and in turn getting the machine and the control system to provide the necessary feedback. A control system that helps you get on with the job instead of getting in the way! Quantum is compatible with all major makes of tiltrotators.

  • Ergonomic joysticks with effective simultaneous control of all the tiltrotator’s functions
  • Auto calibration of hydraulic valves for optimal steering feedback and minimal fuel consumption
  • Compatibility with machine control systems provides features such as Auto-Tilt and full position feedback of the tiltrotator in the machine control system display

Quantum tiltrotatorstyrning

Joystick control – Tiltrotator

The core of our system is tiltrotator control. Our ergonomic joysticks give smooth, flexible and simultaneous control of all functions, which professional machine operators demand. The joystick rollers give high precision control of all functions. Our market leading expansion and our quality solutions in combination with advanced remote support minimizes operating stoppages for your excavator.

Positioning system

Quantum is prepared for connection to the machine control system (GNSS), which gives even more time saving functions.

Position feedback
Thanks to Quantum’s sensor technology in the tiltrotator, you can get full feedback of the bucket position via the machine control system’s display by connecting the system to a machine control system. You see how the bucket rotates in the display in real time. We make sure that you always get the right information and can measure the depth from all the bucket edges.

This function helps you to automatically control the tiltrotator and the bucket position based on the machine control system’s 3D maps. This means simpler and more efficient excavating that minimizes the risk of moving masses unnecessarily, which costs money.

User friendly cellphone app

With Quantum we have moved the fixed installed display to an app on your smartphone and added lots of new features. No extra displays in the cab. You use the app, which is easy to download via iPhone App Store or Android Play Store at your convenience. Via the app you can connect to your machine and manage the profiles for different machine operators, tools or other types of job. The system is multilingual and has different levels for the machine operator and the service technician. The app has built in remote support and after talking with your local retailers/service technicians or to us at SVAB we connect to your machine via the app in your smartphone and give you the support that you need.

Auto calibration

We want the installation to be simple and easy to manage. This is extremely important in new markets or where the workshop lacks experience – therefore we developed autocalibration. Autocalibration maps the machine’s and tiltrotator’s hysteresis together and fine tunes for the best operator results and lowest fuel consumption.


Quantum is the most flexible control system for tiltrotators on the market and comes from the same technology family that has controlled tiltrotators since the turn of the century. Quantum works on all excavators and is compatible with all major makes of tiltrotator.