Quantum Tiltrotator Control

Tool Recognition

The basic idea behind Quantum Tool Recognition is a system that wirelessly detects and identifies a tool used on the machine. The information can then be used by one of our partner systems that you use in your daily work, such as the machine control system, weighing system, tiltrotator control etc. Tool Recognition is a freestanding product and works both with and without a tiltrotator, for all types of tool.

  • Automatic tool change in excavator control systems
  • Automatic switching of the tiltrotator settings depending on which tool is attached to the tiltrotator
  • Keep track of the tool’s geographic position and operating hours

Excvavator with tool recognition

Correct data for your machine control system

The system automatically receives information about which tool is being used and can then set the correct parameters for that particular tool. This way you do not need to manually enter what tool is being used and you eliminate a potential source of error and expensive reworking at the same time as allowing faster tool changes.

Correct data for your machine control system

Keep track of your tools

With Tool Recognition you can keep track of your tools in the workplace. The system monitors both the physical location and the use. If you have regular service intervals for your tools, we can automatically notify you of when it is time for a service. A map view in the app allows you to see where your tools are located.

Keep track of your excavator tools

Easy to add new tools

Adding a new tool to Quantum Tool Recognition is very easy. Install the Tool Recognition module on the tool, open the Quantum app and press “New Tool”, which comes up automatically. Give the tool a name and it is now available for the system.

Easy to add new excavator tools

Automatic settings

In those cases where Tool Recognition is used together with Quantum Tiltrotator control, the machine’s hydraulic settings are adjusted automatically depending on what tool is attached to the machine. This saves time, optimizes tool precision as well as the machine’s fuel consumption.

Just the start

Excellent value for money and with a three-pack of Tool Recognition modules you get a good starting base where more functionality can be added later. The battery lifetime is approximately five years.