A9 Joystick Grip

The A9 grip is SVAB’s most advanced grip and is specially developed to meet a growing need for ergonomics and the ability to control more functions via the excavator’s joystick grips.



Ergonomics and design

The A9 has clear heritage from the ergonomic design of the L8 grip, aiming to mimic the popular grip surface from the L8.


More Rollers

In the A9 grip, there is now room for up to five rollers per grip. A roller controlled with the index finger, a roller controlled with the middle finger, and up to three rollers controlled with the thumb.
Much research has been done to ensure the correct placement of the rollers for the index and middle fingers so that they can be operated simultaneously in a relaxed and controlled way.

Hand Support

The A9 grips can easily be equipped with ergonomic hand support thanks to a smooth mounting, making it easy to install afterwards while not being in the way in the cabin. The hand support has a unique ability to be adjusted in height, making it easy to adapt to different hand sizes.


Symbols on Buttons

The buttons can now be obtained with different symbols that increase both efficiency and safety by reducing the risk of the operator pressing the wrong button.

HAT switch

The A9 grip can also be configured with a newly developed ergonomic five-position HAT switch that can be used to navigate the excavator and/or an external display. With this HAT switch, the operator doesn’t need to let go of the grips but can easily navigate and adjust settings in the machine directly from the grips and quickly return to their excavation work.


Heated Grip

Forget about days with frozen hands. Just like in the steering wheel of a modern car, now you can also get heating in your grips. Heated grip is an optional feature available in the A9 grip, taking the comfort in an excavator to completely new levels. Heating in joystick grips in excavators means improved comfort and efficiency in cold weather conditions. By keeping the operator’s hands warm, the risk of stiffness and impaired sensation is reduced, leading to a better working environment and increased productivity. The heat promotes better blood circulation and reduces fatigue, allowing the operator to maintain high precision and reaction capability during work. This addition enhances user experience and ensures that the machine can be used effectively even in the most demanding weather conditions.


Haptic Feedback via Vibration

Now it’s also possible to get Haptic feedback in the joystick grip, improving safety, precision, user comfort, and efficiency. This technology provides the operator with physical feedback, such as vibrations, warning of risks and enabling fine-tuned movements for increased precision in work. It also functions as an intuitive learning tool, especially for new operators, by directly showing the consequences of their actions. By reducing the need for constant visual monitoring, it also decreases visual fatigue and cognitive load, allowing the operator to better focus on the task. The varied interaction contributes to a more engaging work environment and reduces fatigue from long work shifts. By integrating haptic feedback, manufacturers can offer more advanced and user-friendly equipment for today’s excavation work.

Short lead time from request to first order with online web configurator

The grip can be configured very freely based on component placement, color, functionality, and interface to the machine. To further help in the process of designing your grip you can use our online web configurator where you easily customize your own L8 grip configuration.

Work on the Joystick Configurator for A9 is currently in progress.