B1 Joystick Grip

The B1 joystick is designed for operators who require only the most essential functions to succeed in their tasks. Despite its simplistic appearance, it boasts highly ergonomic design features. Thanks to its straightforward design, machine operators can quickly adapt to its functionality with ease.

The B1 features a single thumb-operated button, which can be customized in a specific color, led-light or symbol.

Bild på B1 i olika vinklar


Symbols on Buttons

The buttons can now be obtained with different symbols that increase both efficiency and safety by reducing the risk of the operator pressing the wrong button.


Haptic Feedback

It is also possible to have Haptic feedback in the joystick grip, which improves safety, precision, user comfort, and efficiency. This technology provides the operator with physical feedback, such as vibrations, which warns of risks and enables fine-tuned movements for increased precision in work. It also serves as an intuitive learning tool, especially for new operators, by directly showing the consequences of their actions. By reducing the need for constant visual monitoring, it also decreases visual fatigue and cognitive load, allowing the operator to focus better on the task. The varied interaction contributes to a more engaging work environment and reduces fatigue from long work shifts. By integrating haptic feedback, manufacturers can offer more advanced and user-friendly equipment for today’s excavation work.