Customized Solutions

We enjoy advancing the development of excavator control systems and prefer to do it in collaboration with manufacturers of multifunctional hydraulic attachments and excavators.

Over the years, we have developed several of our own innovative solutions where we’ve identified a clear need for improved control and enhanced operator environments. Besides that, we are eager to act as an external product development and production department that can help you realize your ideas to optimize control and enhance the driving pleasure of your products.


Clear Focus on Understanding the Operator’s Daily Life

We are focused on being closer to the machine operator than anyone else. This means that we do more than just help you, our partner, solve your current challenges and needs. With our deep interest in machinery, extensive experience, and close relationships with operators, we contribute to proactive and innovative development of your machines or attachments.


Simple and Efficient Complete Partner

With our agile approach and a spontaneous “no problem” attitude, you will be surprised at how easy it can be to solve complex challenges. We have chosen not only to excel in variety or volume but to be the best at both. This allows us to ensure cost-effective and quality-assured production for volume products, while also offering great variety with a quick “Time to Market”. Coupled with our own comprehensive product development department, we become an unbeatable partner.


Complete Solutions

With our broad expertise and holistic understanding of your machines or tools, we offer complete solutions that include all components necessary for straightforward logistics and installation.