Control of Multifunctional Hydraulic Tools

Optimize the control of tools for excavators with SVAB’s reliable and innovative products

With extensive experience in the precision control of multifunctional hydraulic attachments for excavators and being a world leader in the control of tiltrotators, we offer complete solutions from the operator’s hands to the functionality of the hydraulic attachment. Our team of engineers works closely with you as manufacturers of tools and/or excavators to optimize control and maximize the customer benefit of your products. We support you throughout the entire development process, from concept to implementation. Collaborating with us ensures a successful journey in optimizing control and simplifying the installation of multifunctional hydraulic attachments on an excavator.


For Attachment Manufacturers

We are a complete supplier assisting manufacturers of multifunctional hydraulic attachments with everything from complete retro-fit system solutions that include all components from the operator’s hands to the controlled hydraulic attachment, to solutions that include electronics, software, and cabling just for the tool to make it compatible with machines already prepared with an electrical interface for various multifunctional hydraulic attachments. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are seeking a proactive and innovative partner you can trust.


For Machine Manufacturers

As the market for multifunctional hydraulic attachments grows, so does the need for facilitating more efficient and safer installations of these attachments.

We assist machine manufacturers with complete and machine-adapted system solutions that support the future’s open interfaces and ensure efficient and safe plug-and-play installation of multifunctional hydraulic attachments such as a tiltrotator or a harvester head.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a proactive and innovative partner you can trust and who can quickly help you adapt your excavators to meet future needs.

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MiC 4.0 Member

We are members of VDMA and MiC 4.0, which means we are partners involved in developing a unified, manufacturer-independent, and machine-transcending digital open interface between excavators and multifunctional hydraulic tools. Learn more about the work being conducted within MiC 4.0 here: