Vision & Core Values

Business Concept

We develop and offer ergonomic, user-friendly components and complete control systems for effective maneuvering of works vehicles and their tools. By combining innovative thinking with sound product knowledge, we are leaders on the market.


Our vision is to be the leader in developing, selling and manufacturing control systems and products that increase job efficiency for excavators and makes life easier for the operators.

Our core values




For us, trust is to be open, straight and honest both internally and externally. This means that we offer safe, high quality products and that we always hold to our promises!



For us, action is about always striving for short customer response times. This means that we quickly adapt our products and services based on customer needs. With courage and drive we create action in our everyday lives!



For us, innovation is about thinking outside the box and thus finding new solutions that make life easier for our customers and employees. We are always at the forefront of technology and create products that streamline our clients and employees work.