Doubling of Production Capacity

3 Apr 2024

At the beginning of 2024, SVAB moved into newly constructed facilities in Åsbro, located approximately 30 kilometers south of Örebro, as part of a comprehensive expansion strategy. This strategic move allows for a doubling of production capacity, meeting the growing demand for the company’s innovative and ergonomic joysticks and control systems for excavators. This expansion is not only a response to current demand but also prepares for an anticipated increase, especially with the introduction of the new joystick model A9.

With over 70 employees and an awareness of future recruitment needs, the move also aims to accommodate a growing workforce. This is to expand the company’s capacity to meet the sharply increasing global demand for SVAB’s products.

A central focus for SVAB is sustainability, not only in product development but also throughout the company’s operations. The company is committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), with the goal of becoming completely climate neutral by 2040. The new facility in Åsbro is built with environmental awareness in mind, meeting the requirements for an environmental building at the silver level, and plans are in place for a solar park to generate its own electricity.