SVAB launches A9 as the successor to the popular joystick grip L8

23 Apr 2024

At this year’s edition of Intermat in Paris on April 24-27, several new products from SVAB will be launched, with the main attraction being the joystick grip A9, which is the successor to the popular joystick grip L8.

SVAB is a leading manufacturer of joystick grips and tiltrotator control systems for excavators. Already in 2008, SVAB launched the L8 grip, which quickly became popular among machine operators thanks to its ergonomic design, multifunctionality, and precision control of tiltrotators. Over the years, the L8 grip has been further developed, gained new functionality, and become a grip that is factory-installed by several excavator manufacturers.

But now SVAB is taking a new step and launching the A9 as a successor that includes additional functionality and ergonomic benefits for the operator. The grip is also being launched together with the grip variants S2 and B1, which complement the product family.


A9 Grip

The A9 grip is SVAB’s most advanced grip and is specially developed to meet a growing need for ergonomics and the ability to control more functions via the excavator’s joystick grip.


Ergonomics and Shape

A9 has clearly inherited from the ergonomic design of the L8 grip, where the goal has been to mimic the popular grip surface from the L8.

“You shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, as they say, and that’s how we have reasoned during the development of A9. The grip surface on the L8 is just such a part where we have received feedback from operators and the market that they are very satisfied with it. We have therefore chosen to mimic those parts as much as possible, while we have changed other parts of the shape to achieve a more modern design and make room for additional functionality,” says Lotta Dahlström, product owner at SVAB.


More Rollers

In the A9 grip, there is now room for up to five rollers per grip. A roller controlled with the index finger, a roller controlled with the middle finger, and up to three rollers controlled with the thumb.

Much research has been done to ensure the correct placement of the rollers for the index and middle fingers so that they can be operated simultaneously in a relaxed and controlled way.


Grip Heating

Forget days with frozen hands. Just like in the steering wheel of a modern car, it is now also possible to have heating in the grips. The grip heating is an optional feature available in the A9 grip that takes comfort in an excavator to entirely new levels. Heating in joystick grips in excavators means improved comfort and efficiency in cold weather conditions. By keeping the operator’s hands warm, the risk of stiffness and reduced sensitivity is reduced, which leads to a better working environment and increased productivity. The heat contributes to better blood circulation and reduces fatigue, allowing the operator to maintain high precision and response ability during work. This addition enhances the user experience and ensures that the machine can be used effectively even under the most demanding weather conditions.

Haptic Feedback

Now, it is also possible to have Haptic feedback in the joystick grip, which improves safety, precision, user comfort, and efficiency. This technology provides the operator with physical feedback, such as vibrations, which warns of risks and enables fine-tuned movements for increased precision in work. It also serves as an intuitive learning tool, especially for new operators, by directly showing the consequences of their actions. By reducing the need for constant visual monitoring, it also decreases visual fatigue and cognitive load, allowing the operator to focus better on the task. The varied interaction contributes to a more engaging work environment and reduces fatigue from long work shifts. By integrating haptic feedback, manufacturers can offer more advanced and user-friendly equipment for today’s excavation work.


HAT Switch

The A9 grip can also be configured with a newly developed ergonomic five-position HAT switch that can be used to navigate the excavator’s and/or an external display. With the help of this HAT switch, the operator does not need to let go of the grips but can easily navigate and change the settings in the machine directly from the grips and quickly return to their ongoing excavation work.


Symbols on Buttons

The buttons can now be obtained with different symbols that increase both efficiency and safety by reducing the risk of the operator pressing the wrong button.


Hand Support

The A9 grips can easily be equipped with an ergonomic hand support thanks to a smooth attachment which makes it easy to install afterwards while not getting in the way in the cabin.

The hand support has a unique opportunity to be adjusted in height and can thus easily be adapted to fit different sizes of hands.


S2 and B1 Grips

In addition to the A9 grip, SVAB is also showcasing two new joystick grips developed for excavators. These grips are primarily developed for markets outside the Nordics, Europe, and North America.

S2 and B1 are ergonomic grips developed for machines and markets where there is a desire for a more streamlined grip but without compromising the driving environment.


Complete Joystick program for excavators

With these product launches together with SVAB’s electronic joystick base eJB, SVAB is now able to be a complete supplier of joysticks to machine manufacturers for the excavators of the future.

“The A9 grip fits perfectly on excavators and markets where it is common to use multifunctional hydraulic tools such as tiltrotators, but we must not forget that there are also excavator operators in other markets where the needs and requirements look a bit different. Therefore, it feels extra exciting that we can now present a broader range of grips for excavators that also cover these needs,” says Fredrik Effestam, CEO of SVAB.


About SVAB

SVAB is a leading manufacturer of joystick grips and tiltrotator control systems for excavators and has delivered more than 60,000 control systems and more than 200,000 joystick grips since 2002. Product development occurs both through their own innovative development and in close cooperation with customers who are manufacturers and dealers of excavators and accessories. For more information, visit

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