L8 Joystick Grip

The L8 is the multifunction ergonomic joystick grip that has set a new standard with its innovative, functional design. You can control two roller functions simultaneously with thumb and index finger.


Short lead time from request to first order with online web configurator

The grip can be configured very freely based on component placement, color, functionality, and interface to the machine. To further help in the process of designing your grip you can use our online web configurator where you easily customize your own L8 grip configuration.



Up to three rollers can be installed, two for the thumb and one for the index finger. There is room for up to nine buttons on the grip which means that most functions can be gathered in a small area. The properties and flexibility of the grip make it suitable for most machines.

The design of the L8 is based on meticulous ergonomic studies. The ergonomics and the easy-to-grip design have made the L8 the most popular joystick grip among machine operators of advanced excavators. Extra ergonomy is simply added with our hand-rest!

  • True ergonomic right and left-hand design with easy-grip rubberized surface reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries
  • Multi-functional with room for a large number of different rollers, pushbuttons, Hat switches, and toggle switches located both on the front and backside of the grip
  • Well-proven in the field with more than 100,000 units installed and quality ensured with extensive safety tests performed against all applicable standards in machinery directive 2006/42/ec
  • Controls for many different functions gathered in easy to reach positions allowing for simultaneous control improving work efficiency
  • Adapted for easy installation and to fit all joystick bases available on the market ensuring a wide area of application for the grip