Joystick L8

SVAB Grip L8

The L8 is the multifunction ergonomic joystick grip that has set a new standard with its innovative, functional design. You can control two roller functions simultaneously with your thumb and index finger. Up to three rollers can be installed, two for the thumb and one for the index finger. On the grip there is room for up to nine buttons, which means that most functions can be gathered in a small area.


The properties and flexibility of the joystick mean that the L8 is suitable for most machines, including excavators and graders. The design of the L8 is based on far-reaching ergonomic studies. The ergonomics and the easy-to-grip design have made the L8 the most popular joystick among machine operators. Try it for yourself and you will understand why.



  • Ergonomically designed. Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries.
  • Rubberized and structured surface makes the joystick easy to grip.
  • Multi-functional with space for rollers, buttons and rocker switches, located on both the front and rear. Allows simultaneous control, which makes work more efficient.
  • Aesthetic design – suits the cab and helps to provide the interior with a more attractive appearance.
  • Adapted for easy installation and to fit the joystick bases available on the market. Ensures a wide area of application for the joystick.
  • Can be adapted to satisfy significant variations and configuration options as regards rollers, buttons and rocker switches. The joystick grip can be tailored according to the customer’s wishes.
  • Adapted for installation of a large number of rollers, buttons and rocker switches on both the front and the rear. The control of many different functions can be gathered in a single place, making the work more efficient.
  • Durable and flexible cabling delivers good quality and a long service life.

Excavator Joystick

Hand-rest L8

SVAB Hand-Rest L8 can not only be tilted as you prefer, it also allows free adjustment inward, outward, forward and backward thanks to its clever mounting system. The lower palm rest is adjustable in 5 different height positions. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you have big or small hands, the hand-rest always fits!


Relief for your hands and better steering control has been the guiding principles that shaped the hand-rest. Long working hours moving the joystick outwards while simultaneously controlling several functions can be tiring for your hands and difficult to manage. The hand-rest gives better control of the steering and reduces the static load on the hands, static load that can cause injury.

  • Increases comfort for your hands and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury caused by static load.
  • Provides greater control of the joystick buttons and rollers.